Case study: Spendrups

From Spendrups in Grängesberg to German Cross-Border Shopping

From early spring and over the summer, Frode Laursen delivers 600–700 loads of beer from Sweden to Germany for the Swedish brewery Spendrups. The multishare warehouse in Åstorp, which acts as a buffer during busy periods over the summer, stores 4,000 of the pallets prior to collection.

When Swedish tourists load up their cars with a couple of crates of Spendrups Premium Gold at the border shops in Flensburg, there is a good chance that the beer was delivered by Frode Laursen.
From early spring until August, Frode Laursen delivers 600–700 loads of beer from the brewery in Grängesberg, just north of Stockholm, to German border shops in locations such as Flensburg, Puttgarden and Rostock.

“Sales levels are particularly high in June and July, so the warehouse in Åstorp acts as a buffer with space for 4,000 pallets of beer to make sure that the shops don’t run out during peak periods,” says Per Jakobsen, a sales representative with responsibility for the Nordic region.

Service level, expertise and location
For Spendrups these three factors were of particular importance when selecting a partner for the assignment:
“We looked at service level, expertise and geographical location and selected Frode Laursen on the basis of these criteria,” says Logistics Manager Björn Deborg from Spendrups Brewery AB.
When asked whether and why he would recommend Frode Laursen to others, he says:
“Yes, due to their functionality and quality.”

Potential for more co-operation
This is a new market for FL, whose collaboration with Spendrups has seen it transporting loads from Sweden to the Danish–German border for the first time.
“However, we do have a great deal of experience in delivering products for cross-border shopping, as well as a number of good references. At the moment we’re only providing export services, but in the long term there are major opportunities in terms of their distribution to wholesalers in Sweden. This is a small assignment with tremendous potential,” explains Per Jakobsen.
Spendrups also see a range of options for expansion of this partnership.
“We see potential for both closer cooperation and greater integration over the next few years,” says Björn Deborg.

Spendrups Brewery AB is Sweden’s second largest brewery business, with two breweries and a micro brewery. The company employs 1,100 employees and has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 1.6 billion. Spendrups’ market share in Sweden is 27% for beer, 32% for water and 13% for soft drinks. Spendrups is the main brand, with ten different variants. Other brands include Norrlands Gold, Loka and Mariestads.


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  • We looked at service level, expertise and geographical location and selected Frode Laursen on the basis of these criteria,

    Björn Deborg, Logistics manager