Logistics for FMCG

With customers including the largest multinational manufacturers and Nordic retail chains, Frode Laursen is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of logistics solutions for the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) market.

These goods are typically transported from manufacturers throughout Europe, either directly to the recipients or via our multishare warehouses, which are strategically located throughout the entire Nordic region. At the warehouses the goods are scanned into our centrally-managed Warehouse Management System, after which they can be tracked and monitored in real time…

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Logistics for building materials

Frode Laursen delivers building materials from leading manufacturers to construction sites, wholesalers and DIY shops. We maintain a close dialogue with both the end user and the manufacturer, often managing inventory control. Here we have the responsibility for maintaining agreed stock levels, ensuring that customers can enjoy rapid delivery times.

The starting point for inventory control is our WMS. It enables us to use the technology of the FMCG industry to create new, unique and often tailored logistics solutions for the construction sector…

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International assignments

Our international division is divided into three areas, supporting Frode Laursen’s philosophy of being a Nordic logistics company in an international world. By providing 3rd and 4th party logistics to our customers, we ensure a connection between the need for international high-volume transport and the regional distribution of smaller consignments…

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With special equipment and know-how, we complete the logistics chains for both FMCG and building materials with the transportation of special waste, such as packaging material and plasterboard, from recycling facilities in the Nordic region to large raw material producers throughout Europe. We also carry out domestic transport operations and an increasing number of biomass transport operations.

Most goods are transported in modern Walking Floor trailers, which are specially designed for recycling.

Shop activities

The moment of truth takes place in the shop. When it comes to choices on what purchases to make, 75% of decisions are made as customers scan the shelves. Visibility in the shop is therefore absolutely essential for suppliers as this is when consumers choose what to put in their baskets.

Our sister company, IN-STORE, offers support in the shops: for example, in merchandising, sampling opportunities and demonstrations. At the same time we provide feedback on performance and the placement of goods, and we also offer data processing to expand the decision-making basis available to customers.

Frode Laursen offers two systems as alternatives to a company’s own sales force:

  • Support teams, where we manage physical activities on an overall basis in the shops, covering elements such as the establishment and announcement of new goods and the launch of campaigns, etc.
  • IN-STORE Support System, which is a telemarketing system. With this system, phone orders are taken, campaigns initiated and provisions are put in place for the dispatch of staff etc. to shops.

IN-STORE has more than 1,200 part-time employees.

See the IN-STORE website

Cold storage facilities

Agri-Norcold is the food industry’s largest service partner for freezing, the processing of frozen goods and storage of food in Denmark. The company’s customers are businesses in the food industry, which is increasingly seeing the advantage in outsourcing the processing of frozen goods to external partners who are specialists in this area.

In 2016 Agri-Norcold took over Bring Frigo’s Danish cold storage activities, making it the country’s biggest player in terms of frozen food with a cold storage capacity of more than one million cubic meters and 270,000 pallet spaces.

The frozen goods terminals are located close to logistical nodes, which means optimal access conditions for entry and exit. The company’s head office and central administration are located in Hobro, Denmark. Agri-Norcold employs approximately 400 employees who continously work on keeping their industry knowledge up-to-date.

See Agri-Norcold’s website

Distribution of dangerous goods

In a joint venture with Uno X Energi A/S, we transport dangerous goods in the Nordic region through the Skanol company. Skanol offers sophisticated logistics and distribution solutions for ADR classified products, which are transported by tanker. These products are typically chemicals requiring transportation, petrol and diesel for filling stations and heating oil for private consumers.

Skanol is Denmark’s best managed and largest neutral provider of dangerous goods transport services using tankers. This is a result of the oil companies combining their knowledge of oil products with Frode Laursen’s knowledge of transport and distribution.
The company has over 140 tankers, employs approx. 200 employees and carries over 1,700 daily deliveries in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Skanol’s philosophy is to offer neutral co-distribution of oil products in particular. By combining the deliveries of several oil companies, we have established a highly effective co-distribution Network that provides economies of scale for the benefit of all parties involved

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