Customs and service

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Frode Laursen is AEO-certified, has employees who specialise in complex export and import documents as well as its own customs warehouses at selected logistics centres.

International shipping and customs clearance

Frode Laursen’s shipping department strives to meet all our customers’ needs, and organises courier, sea and air transport worldwide. The department employs specialists to produce complicated export and import documents throughout the Nordic region.

We offer to handle any dialogue with the authorities on customs-related issues, and offer storage and customs warehousing solutions with onward transport of goods in transit. In addition, we are able to prepare EUR 1 documents, dangerous goods documents, EMCS documents and other transport-related documentation. This also means that we can help with all Brexit-related customs issues.

Our department for overseas shipping and customs services looks after destinations such as the USA, the Far East and Australia. We work with dry goods, refrigerated foods and frozen foods, as well as managing quotas, handling customs clearance, and processing refunds etc.

Companies selling goods which are subject to customs duties and taxes can store the products in our bonded warehouses. Customs duties, taxes and import VAT only become payable once the goods are put into circulation within the EU, and can be completely avoided when re-exporting to countries outside the EU.

From offering one-stop logistics to our group of international customers, the international division has become part of Frode Laursen’s main business area. Let’s talk if you’d like to hear more about how we can help you with cost-effective transport and logistics solutions.

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