Building materials

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With our specialist fleet which was acquired to meet the specific needs of our customers, we are able to take on even complex tasks for our customers in the construction industry, which include some of the biggest companies in the Nordics

Logistics and transport of building materials

Frode Laursen delivers building materials from leading manufacturers directly to construction sites, wholesalers and DIY centres. We have a large and specialist fleet of vehicles that has been purchased for the specific purpose of providing high standards of customer service. This enables us to take on even complex tasks for our customers in the construction sector.

Frode Laursen is in close dialogue with end-users as well as our customers, often handling their inventory management. We take responsibility for maintaining agreed inventory levels, ensuring that our customers enjoy rapid delivery times. For greater efficiency, we always allocate a dedicated contact. This ensures an efficient and personal service at all times.

The starting point for inventory management is Frode Laursen’s WMS system. We make the most of technology developed for the FMCG sector to create new, unique and often customised logistics solutions for the construction sector.

This provides us with a real-time overview of inventory levels, and we maintain close contact with the factories which can then plan their production according to inventory levels and the order book. We are continually collecting goods from the manufacturers and taking them to our warehouses, while large orders are shipped as complete loads directly from manufacturers to suppliers.

Frode Laursen performs the following tasks related to building materials:

  • Truck-mounted crane jobs
  • Logistics set-up with warehouse
  • Transport of precast elements
  • Dedicated distribution system

At Frode Laursen, we recognise the importance of stable and reliable deliveries to the construction sector. For us, therefore, it is not simply a question of transporting goods from A to B, but of coming up with the best possible solutions for structuring the complex flow of goods from manufacturers to end-users.

We specialise in building materials logistics involving warehousing and distribution from the construction industry to construction sites, wholesalers and DIY centres. Let’s talk if you’re interested in hearing more about our solutions. Contact us today for a non-binding offer.

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