Green transport

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Frode Laursen’s most significant climate impact is without comparison our transport. Therefore, we also have a solid focus on how we can reduce our emission of CO2 per tonne-kilometres

At Frode Laursen, we annually transport a larger and larger proportion of our customers’ goods using alternative fuels. We use HVO, which is a second-generation biodiesel, and biogas, and when that is not possible natural gas. In 2022, we thus used alternative fuels for 18% of our driving.

Driving and planning

Distance, routes and behavior also greatly influence how much CO2 our transport emits. Therefore, we constantly try to improve our driving activity by thoroughly planning routes and stops.

Through education in driving style, we have raised driving efficiency from an average of 69% to 83% among our Danish drivers. It testifies to both an effective, digital tool and a fantastic effort from our drivers.

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