Logistics centres with a

Sustainable focus

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Our logistics centres are optimised to be as energy-efficient as possible. At the same time, we have introduced specific measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in connection with waste and water consumption

We have more than 600,000 square metres of storage space, and we are continuously mapping our pollution risks and energy consumption, which enables us to constantly monitor whether we are doing our best to minimise our environmental impact. On the energy front, we have installed, among other things, LED lighting and heat pumps, which reduced our CO2 emissions in 2019 by an impressive 220 tonnes.


Lowest transport costs for the benefit of the environment

At the same time, we are continuously planning and calculating how establishing new logistics centres will lead to the lowest possible transport costs, and thus the lowest possible CO2 emissions. In this way, we can constantly optimise our business while taking into account the world around us.


Waste sorting and recycling

In addition, we have waste sorting and recycling schemes at all our logistics centres. We are also continually establishing environment-optimised wash halls that collect and recycle rainwater. This saves about 9,000 cubic metres of fresh drinking water every year, or the annual water consumption of 64 families

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