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Sustainable focus

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The idea behind our multi-share warehouse solution is sustainable: Shared facilities save resources – both in transport and at the logistics centres. Nevertheless, we have around 628,000 square meters of warehouse and office buildings, making it very important for Frode Laursen to find the best way to build and operate the logistics centers. That is why we have developed our Green Warehouse Vision.

Our logistics center in Eksilstuna is the first of our logistics centers built according to our Green Warehouse Vision, which considers the environment and climate in the construction and operation of the logistics center.
In addition to projects around LED lighting, heat pumps, solar cells, and other green power, the Eskilstuna Logistikcenter is built according to entirely new standards with several initiatives in relation to the green transition.

For example:

  • We have replaced concrete with steel panels with CO2-neutral insulation on the external walls.
  • NOXOUT roofs have been used to reduce air pollution by breaking down the NOx particles emitted from cars and trucks. The sun’s UV rays then convert the NOx particles into nitrate, which is washed away when it rains.
  • The roof is white instead of standard black. This means that the roof does not get as hot when the sun is shining, which means that the warehouse’s total energy consumption is reduced during the sunny and warm seasons.
  • The office building is insulated with CO2-neutral insulation.
  • The office building is insulated with twice as effective insulation.
  • All beams and panels are produced using recycled steel.
  • An environmentally friendly wash hall has been established.
  • Rainwater is reused for toilets and cleaning.
  • We have established ditches around the site to direct the remaining rainwater away. It strengthens biodiversity and we avoid using plastic pipes and plastic wells.


100% green electricity and solar projects

Since 2021, all electricity at our locations has been 100% green. The power comes from wind turbines, solar panels, hydropower plants or biomass plants. At the same time, we have invested in the establishment of two solar cell plants at our logistics centers in Jyderup, Denmark, and Åstorp, Sweden, respectively, as well as together with the local airfield in Eskilstuna, Sweden, investigating the possibilities of establishing a solar cell plant there. The facilities are pilot projects we have found to gain knowledge about the area and how we can produce our own green electricity.

Recycling of waste

We systematically sort our waste at all our logistics centres. We recycle well over 90% of our waste and we continuously work to improve our waste sorting and recycling. It has, among other things, meant that over four years, we have halved our share of waste that goes to incineration, while organic waste that goes to biogas plants has more than doubled.

Environmentally friendly wash hall facilities

Together with external partners, Frode Laursen has developed wash halls for our trucks, where we can clean and reuse the dirty wash water.
We use biological purification, which adds extra oxygen to the water, providing a breeding ground for bacteria that eat the oil residues in the dirty washing water.
In addition, we also supply rainwater from the roof of the building. This way, we avoid using fresh drinking water to wash the cars.

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