Space for everyone

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At Frode Laursen, we believe that the best workplace is one which can accommodate many different kinds of people, and which treats everyone fairly and with respect. We want to reflect this through the way in which we run our business – at all our locations and in all the countries in which we operate.

At Frode Laursen, the goal is to be an accommodating workplace where everyone feels at home, regardless of their gender, race or age. This is why we have a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring, among other things, that there are equal recruitment and career development opportunities for both genders.

We see diversity as a significant advantage in an industry that has historically been dominated by men. Our stated objective is that at least 20% of the Board of Directors are women. Moreover, we are continuously working towards having even more women at management level.


Proper working conditions

We naturally follow current labour market rules and regulations to ensure ours is a modern workplace and that we comply with all employment and labour rights legislation.

In light of recent revelations about poor working conditions for employees in the logistics industry, we have found it necessary to update our code of conduct, which we did in 2019.


The physical facilities are important

Being an accommodating workplace is also about having enough physical space and proper facilities for our employees. Our drivers often spend many hours on the road – and thereby also nights. Therefore, at our locations we always offer a proper place for them to park their trucks at night as well as access to bathing facilities, washing machines, a kitchen and a communal room with free Wi-Fi.

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