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Frode Laursen has extensive experience in transporting special waste – also internationally. This know-how is in high demand given the growing focus on sustainability and recycling.

Recycling ensures more efficient use of resources

With specialist equipment and know-how, we help our customers transport special waste such as packaging, wood chips and plasterboard from recycling stations in the Nordic countries to major raw materials’ manufacturers throughout Europe.

Most items are transported in modern walking floor trailers specially designed for handling recycling materials. We can help you transport special waste, whatever the volumes.

We possess considerable experience in an area which in many countries requires specialist knowledge with regard to both transport and documentation. Likewise, we also handle domestic transports as well as a rapidly growing number of biomass transports.

Frode Laursen makes a priority of assuming all responsibility for this work, which is always performed to very high standards. Therefore, we take great pains to use our resources responsibly as a way of contributing to a sustainable value chain. Let’s talk if you’re interested in hearing more about our solutions.

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