Climate and sustainability

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Frode Laursen has decided to base its CSR strategy on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the SDGs that we want to focus on is SDG 13: ‘Climate action’

Sustainable initiatives

In a world where resources are becoming ever-scarcer and the climate is under pressure, it is our duty as a company to act responsibly. At Frode Laursen, we have therefore launched a number of initiatives and committed to making a serious effort in relation to our common future.

As a logistics company, we are very aware of the environmental impacts of our activities, especially as regards our CO2 emissions.

Consequently, we are constantly exploring new alternative fuels for our trucks and new technologies. At the same time, we are looking closely at how our daily operations impact the environment with the aim of ensuring that our transport divisions and logistics centres are as efficient as possible in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Energy consumption and waste sorting are key focus areas.


We make a difference by

  • Providing training and improving technical driving skills to reduce diesel consumption
  • Renewing our trucks – Class 6 diesel engines
  • Transporting full loads – e.g. by combining cargoes
  • Using road trains and special high-capacity trailers
  • Using shared facilities – logistics centres
  • Offering sustainable logistics models for our customers
  • Reducing energy consumption in our warehouses by means of sensors, LED lighting and electric trucks
  • Reducing our water consumption by means of new truck washes
  • Recycling waste from our logistics centres and terminals.

Environmental awareness is an ongoing process

We are seeing a growing level of interest among our customers for sustainable transport, and we are very keen to work with them to arrive at the best solutions. Minimising our environmental impact and carbon footprint is an ongoing process, and we are continually working to improve our knowledge by learning from the best solutions in the industry – and by participating in several European forums dedicated to developing sustainability in our industry.

  • 95% of all waste is recycled
  • 220 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved in 2019
  • 96% of our trucks are Euro 6 standard

Let’s talk if you’d like to hear more about how we can help you with sustainable transport.

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