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About Frode Laursen

Frode Laursen – Leader in the Nordic Region

Frode Laursen is one of the fastest growing providers of one-stop logistics in the Nordic region within the following five segments: raw materials, FMCG, building materials, recycling and distribution of dangerous goods. Our primary market is the Nordic region, combined with transport to and from continental Europe.

The key to Frode Laursen’s success is focus. We stay focused on our chosen sectors, on the development of know-how, and on information technology, processes and our employees. And above all else, we focus on our customers.

Focus will remain a keyword for Frode Laursen in the future in its goal of becoming the leader in the Nordic region.

Consolidation creates economies of scale

With so many suppliers under the same roof, we are uniquely positioned to utilise our capacity optimally and thus provide a cost-effective solution for our customers.

Our multishare warehouses ensure that fluctuations in turnover on individual products do not lead to overcapacity. By focusing on identical markets, we can ensure uniform procedures and a high degree of specialisation.

Focus on the entire logistics chain

Frode Laursen is a full service organisation, meaning that it takes care of the entire supply chain – from transportation from foreign production facilities to the regional multishare warehouse and further on to the local recipients.

We always look at the cheapest and best way to meet our customers’ needs, whether this means transportation by road, rail or sea. Comprehensive coordination with national distribution activities takes place between neighbouring areas to ensure that loading and delivery are carried out flexibly and efficiently.

Our multishare warehouses are located close to the logistical hubs of the Nordic region, and we are among the leading providers of indoor storage capacity. From these warehouses we offer services ranging from arrival inspections and order processing to repacking assignments and simple laboratory tests.

With our tight-knit distribution system we are uniquely located to make overnight deliveries to the majority of the Nordic population. We make deliveries to all of our FMCG retailers, catering wholesalers and supermarkets on a daily basis. This means that on a normal working day, we visit 1,500–2,000 different delivery addresses.

Via our sister company, IN STORE, we conduct a variety of in-store activities, such as events, sampling opportunities and demonstrations, as well as providing advice and concept development.

Why Frode Laursen

  • One Nordic logistics set-up
  • Experience of the biggest most demanding assignments
  • A flat, customer-oriented organisation with a strong focus on both the customer and the customer’s customer.
  • Committed and motivated employees
  • Offices open 24 hours a day
  • Customer-specific approach with fixed points of contact for all assignments
  • Total optimisation of the supply chain instead of suboptimisation of transportation
  • A world-class warehouse management system
  • IT solutions that create opportunities instead of forming barriers
  • Solutions focused on quality, from receipt to delivery
  • Overnight service with extended product protection
  • Shop Activities via IN-STORE
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