CSR strategy

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There is more to business than financial performance and profit. All companies have an underlying social responsibility. This is why we publish an annual CSR report which documents our CSR initiatives.

Environment and people

Social responsibility is all about coherence. There must be room for all of us – and the world must be a place where life can be lived. This means that we must always see our role in society as something that creates coherence. As a transport company, we must ensure that our trucks pollute as little as possible, that our storage facilities have a minimal impact on the climate, and that the people we employ and work with are always treated with care and respect.


The future is sustainable

We shoulder a huge responsibility at Frode Laursen, because we are in an industry that impacts the climate. In fact, the transport sector worldwide accounts for about 20% of total CO2 emissions. Therefore, it’s an important objective for us that we reduce our CO2 emissions and constantly ensure that we act as sustainably as possible through planning, training and recycling.


People are our most important resource

However, our responsibility is not limited to the climate. This is why we have adopted a number of clearly defined policies in relation to our own employees, suppliers and business partners. As an organisation, we cannot develop positively without having a keen focus on all those who perform important work for us every day. We have therefore launched several initiatives aimed at making Frode Laursen a good workplace for employees who derive satisfaction and meaning from their working lives.

We organise training programmes for all employee groups, and have clearly defined our values in relation to diversity, human rights and equality. Moreover, we are proud to be playing a role in society through our charitable activities and foundation.

Our values

  • We are here for the customer
  • We take responsibility
  • We honour our agreements
  • We always base decisions on facts
  • We strive to improve
  • We treat everybody with respect
  • We use resources wisely
  • We cooperate and pull together as teams
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