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There are about 300 employees at our head office in Vitten, north of Aarhus. Here, we manage all the administrative procedures which are necessary in an international company. This covers everything from finance, sales, purchasing and transport to IT, customer service, HR, communications and more. There are many job functions at head office, but overall they can be divided into the following three areas:

A workplace with a flat structure and strong values

Our head office in Vitten has a good mix of office workers, former drivers and warehouse workers as well as academics. We don’t have a tradition for dwelling on exam certificates – your attitude and what you have achieved are far more important. Therefore, there are many examples of employees who have developed within and with the company, and who now hold a management position.

Frode Laursen’s eight core values carry a lot of weight at head office. This means that there is a good atmosphere and a good sense of camaraderie throughout the organisation, coupled with a strong focus on the fact that both the individual departments and the individual employee are developing and constantly improving. The organisational structure is flat, and everyone is listened to whether they are an office assistant or a director.

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