Automation must optimize processes

Optimization of processes is a large part of our DNA here at Frode Laursen. And therefore, digitization and automation will play a significant role in the coming years.

That is why we work intensely with the application of new technologies at our logistics centres and have just completed a considerable study in collaboration with one of Europe’s leading consulting companies in automation, Miebach 

Our approach to automation is the same as to everything else: It has to make sense and to identify the potential in automation projects, we constantly analyze our processes.

All automation projects at Frode Laursen must therefore be able to live up to 3 requirements:

  • They must be reliable
  • They must make financial sense
  • They must be able to handle peaks: The solution must be structured so that we can handle even large fluctuations in the flow of goods.

In recent years, we have invested in various robots at our logistics centres. We have, e.g., invested in AMRs to move pallets over long distances as well as advanced robotic technology for labelling.

In addition, we continuously test new and existing technologies in various scenarios to find out where and how we can benefit from automation.
An example is at our logistics centre in Åstorp, where we are testing a system that, with the help of artificial intelligence, ensures a more efficient stock count using cameras. This way, we expect to go from 100 scanned pallets per hour to around 3,000.

On the other hand, our studies with Miebach show that the business case is still somewhat doubtful when it comes to automating picking processes in industrial warehouses entirely. However, it is an area that we will definitely look into in the coming years and that we want to enter into a dialogue about.