Case study: Ferrero

Ferrero from Europe to the Nordic Market

Virtually all departments at Frode Laursen are involved in some way with Ferrero products – from transport, repacking, storage and order processing to customs clearance and distribution to customers in the Nordic region.

“We chose Frode Laursen – with whom we already had an excellent partnership – because they are one of the leading providers of logistics in the Nordic region specialising in FMCG. In our experience, Frode Laursen is a professional and customer-focused company,” explains Ferrero Supply Chain Manager Stojanka Kovacevic.

In 2016 Ferrero chose Frode Laursen as its partner in the Nordic region.
“This assignment involves virtually all elements of Frode Laursen,” explains Sales Manager Ralf Sonne Laursen: “The goods are transported from Poland, Germany and Belgium to our multishare warehouse in Åstorp, where staff are responsible for repacking and order processing, before the goods are distributed onwards to recipients throughout the Nordic countries.”

“For us it was important that Frode Laursen can offer the whole package: from warehousing and repacking to fast distribution,” says Stojanka Kovacevic.

“Ferrero is an incredibly interesting company, and very strong as a brand, which works well with Frode Laursen’s FMCG concept. At the same time, they have very high quality requirements, which pushes us to develop further,” states Ralf Sonne Laursen.

The assignment spans products from the brands Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac and Kinder, which are stored in the new chilled warehouse in Åstorp, where the goods are kept at a temperature of 14–18 degrees. A specific requirement for Ferrero products is that they must also be distributed in temperature-controlled conditions in refrigerated vehicles or with thermal covers on the pallets.

Cooperation with Ferrero

  • The warehouse assignment was taken over from Ferrero in Germany
  • Storage provided in chilled warehouses in Åstorp
  • Will also be distributed in Norway, where Frode Laursen’s shipping department takes care of customs clearance
  • Ferrero was already a Frode Laursen customer – in Vitten and Hørning

Ferrero SpA is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products. The company was founded by confectioner Pietro Ferrero in 1946 and has its headquarters in Alba, Italy. The company has more than 40,000 employees and is still owned by the Ferrero family.


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  • For us it was important that Frode Laursen can offer the whole package:
    from warehousing and repacking to fast distribution,

    Stojanka Kovacevic, Supply chain manager