Retail activities

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For 25 years, IN-STORE has, via promotional and presentable merchandising, sampling and demos, ensured that individual products attract even more attention in the shops.

Consultancy and concept development of retail activities

SINCE its establishment in 1995, IN-STORE A/S has specialised in creating the best conditions for optimising shop sales for IN-STORE’s customers: the brand suppliers.

It is in the shop that the moment of truth (MOT) happens. Consumers are often in a hurry, and spend an average of only 14 minutes in the shop. Seventy per cent of all purchase decisions are made as customers scan the shelves, trying to decide what to buy. For suppliers, visibility in the shop is therefore crucial.

IN-STORE works with promotion, merchandising and field support in Danish retail chains, DIY stores and service stations etc. All daily activities are supplemented with data to provide valuable insights into FMCG, retail, consumer trends and the market in general.

With more than 1,000 competent and committed employees in Denmark, IN-STORE undertakes around 70,000 jobs a year 24/7, which equates to an IN-STORE employee stepping into a shop every six minutes, every day, all year round.

IN-STORE focuses on operations, stability and competent employees, and based on its extremely high resolution rate has no qualms about giving guarantees to customers.

Frode Laursen owns 100% of IN-STORE, and it is a partnership that makes sense, because it allows us to offer our customers the entire value chain from the moment goods leave production until they land in shopping baskets.

Let’s talk if you’re interested in hearing more about our in-store activities or transport and logistics solutions.

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