International assignments

Our international division is divided into three areas, supporting Frode Laursen’s philosophy of being a Nordic logistics company in an international world. By providing 3rd and 4th party logistics to our customers, we ensure a connection between the need for international high-volume transport and the regional distribution of smaller consignments.

Road Nordic

Our Nordic department supports Frode Laursen’s Nordic home market. Overnight transport is coordinated with national distribution activities, so loading/delivery are executed flexibly and efficiently. Logistics in Sweden, Norway and Finland are undergoing major development, and Frode Laursen aims to be an active player in this evolution. By establishing central multishare warehouses, logistics can be streamlined by virtue of fewer warehouses and direct deliveries to the larger shops.

Road Continent

Our vehicles travel to destinations across Europe, but we can also offer rail or maritime transportation, depending on the assignment. In Germany we provide comprehensive distribution of general cargo with direct vehicles, which ensures a high-quality service.

Shipping and documentation

The overseas freight forwarding and transport department strives to identify all customers’ needs and provide courier, maritime and air transportation to all parts of the world. The department also has a number of specialists whose job it is to produce complex export and import documents throughout the Nordic region. We engage in dialogue with the authorities about customs-related matters and provide warehouse and customs-warehousing solutions for the onward transportation of goods in transit. We also offer the preparation of EUR1 documents, dangerous goods documents, EMCS documents and other transport-related documents.

Frode Laursen prioritises clear responsibility and a high level of quality for our customers.