Logistics for FMCG

With customers including the largest multinational manufacturers and Nordic retail chains, Frode Laursen is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of logistics solutions for the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) market.

These goods are typically transported from manufacturers throughout Europe, either directly to the recipients or via our multishare warehouses, which are strategically located throughout the entire Nordic region. At the warehouses the goods are scanned into our centrally-managed Warehouse Management System, after which they can be tracked and monitored in real time.

By having a large number of suppliers under the same roof, we are uniquely positioned to be able to make best use of all resources in terms of services such as repacking, consolidation packing and picking, and partly also for optimal warehouse space utilisation.

Our distribution system gives us the ability to make overnight deliveries to the majority of the Nordic population. We call at all of our FMCG wholesalers and catering wholesalers and most of our supermarkets on a daily basis.

Our service covers all of the Nordic region. Our offices are manned around the clock so that we can always provide the best possible service. We also track the goods until they arrive at the agreed location at the agreed time.


Our multishare warehouses are located close to the logistical nodes of the Nordic region, and with around 550,000 m2 at our disposal, we are among the leading providers of indoor warehouse capacity. At our facilities we offer services such as arrival inspections, order processing and re-packing.

Our administrative services, including the production management of repacking, is an integral part of our multishare warehouse solutions. We produce 4,000–6,000 quarter pallets and displays each day.
In addition to this, we offer inventory management using our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS), which effectively manages the requirements of the EU directive on traceability. The system ensures full traceability for both whole pallets and repacked displays and provides real-time information on current inventory levels.

Our multishare warehouses have a comprehensive self-control programme, to ensure that the authorities’ and consumers’ safety and security requirements are being met. All multishare warehouse customers have their own contact person in our customer service department. Our WMS also ensures that faults almost never occur.

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The way factories specialise and focus on high volumes is incompatible with shops’ requirements for availability in small amounts. At the same time, shop staff cannot spend vast amounts of time making sure each product is presented as well as possible in the shop.

This is why Frode Laursen offers a variety of services that add value to the products in the shops. Among other things, we offer repacking of goods for displays, which makes life easy for staff and the goods presentable to consumers.

Frode Laursen offers services such as:

  • Assortment packing
  • Consolidation packing
  • Banderoling
  • Film wrapping
  • Attaching informational labels, sale stickers, etc.
  • Production control and WMS