Electric trucks and DUO2 on the school schedule: "We need to give our customers the best cards in hand"

19. February 2024

New green transportation solutions require new skills. Therefore, drivers, office staff, and terminal workers are now further educated to handle both electric trucks and DUO2 trucks.

“We need to give our customers the best cards in hand. The education helps ensure the best conditions for using the new green transportation solutions and reducing CO2 emissions. Double trailers and electric trucks are our and our customers’ new reality, so the entire organisation must know how they work. That’s why we’ve also invited office staff and terminal workers to this year’s winter courses, so it wasn’t just the drivers getting the new knowledge,” says Allan Munkholm Poulsen, transport director for Frode Laursen’s Danish road division.

Double trailers on the agenda
Frode Laursen’s winter courses are recurring events in the first months of the year, where employees receive various training throughout the week. The program changes from year to year, so there are always new curriculum topics relevant to the transport industry.

“Double trailers were already on the agenda last year, where the drivers had the opportunity to test drive them. But since we can now operate them in Denmark from the turn of the year, we have it on the curriculum again this year. This time, however, there is a greater focus on the regulations and practical aspects to be aware of. This includes things like linking and unlinking and the requirements for the towing unit,” Allan explains.

Electric trucks are also in focus
In addition to double trailers, the course also includes training on electric trucks, drawing on the positive experiences we’ve already had with our first electric truck, which operates a regular distribution route in East Jutland with FMCG.

“We had some really good experiences optimizing driving, planning, and distribution last year. And it’s those experiences we want to share with everyone so we can ensure a smooth transition for our customers from fossil fuels to electric trucks”, Allan explains.