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Frode Laursen’s administration spans a wide range of departments, although they all support the company’s core business. Whether you are a specialist or an office assistant, as an administrative staff member, you play a vital role in ensuring that Frode Laursen is able to operate at the highest gear.

Diversity in administration

Customer service employee, IT specialist, sales rep, office assistant or HR employee – these are just some of the administrative functions at our head office in Vitten, north of Aarhus.

Just as there are many different titles, many different backgrounds are represented. Some have started at Frode Laursen as trainees, others arrive with an academic background, while several bring their practical experience to bear after having worked as a driver or warehouse worker.

As an administrative employee, you will work across the entire organisation, and you are in daily contact with external business partners and colleagues. At Frode Laursen, we are here to serve our customers, and therefore it’s important that you are flexible, service-minded and have a positive attitude to the job.


A working day in administration

The company’s administration is sometimes very busy and offers many challenges, and therefore you will soon be given your own areas of responsibility. It is important that you are structured and take pride in keeping everything in good order, while also being good at cooperating across the organisation and willing to work to achieve common goals.

At Frode Laursen, our employees are our biggest resource. Therefore, continual and targeted competence development has a high priority among our employees. We work as a single team, so it’s also important that you will and can assume responsibility for an independent working day.

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As an administrative employee, you are …

… a team player, who takes responsibility and is good at cooperating. Frode Laursen’s administration covers many different departments with both generalist and specialist positions, and the professional requirements for the individual positions are therefore very wide-ranging. One thing that all the jobs have in common however is that you are motivated to make a difference and take a customer-centric approach.


As an administrative employee, you get …

… good colleagues in a company where togetherness and teamwork have a high priority. You will be joining a company that is passionate about living up to its values. We have a flat organisational structure, and are keen to receive input, whether from a trainee or manager. At the same time, we believe that a happy employee is a good employee, so making sure that our employees are thriving in their jobs is very important.

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My colleagues, the team spirit and the energy we all share all mean a lot to me.
Customer service employee

Good colleagues and interesting work

Yen Rasmussen has been employed in Frode Laursen’s customer service department since June 2018, where she works with about 20 colleagues responding to customer enquiries.

Yen’s working day starts at 8:00, when she arrives for work together with her customer service colleagues. They are all allocated customers, for whom they are each responsible.

– About half of what I do is fixed, while the rest consists of ad hoc tasks that land on my desk – what we call ‘free play’, says Yen, adding:

– The incoming tasks are from customers, and vary considerably. They help shape the day to a considerable extent, and make the job interesting, she says.


Team spirit and good opportunities

When asked what she likes most about the job, Yen is in no doubt.

– My colleagues, the team spirit and the energy we all share all mean a lot to me. And I also have some very interesting tasks. On top of which, the unpredictable nature of it all means that going to work is never dull – I think I’m very lucky.

When asked why she thinks people should apply for a job at Frode Laursen, she quickly answers:

– The team spirit and the opportunities. There are good colleagues here, and if you find your feet at Frode Laursen, the company also offers some very good opportunities for professional development and exploring new areas of work.

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