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At Frode Laursen, we’re always interested in working with skilled, independent hauliers. We’re known for the high quality of our services, and therefore you must be prepared to provide a similarly high level of service when engaging with our customers.

Road International/Continent haulier

As a haulier in the Continent division under Road International at Frode Laursen, you will be driving between different locations south of the Danish border and Denmark. You will primarily drive full loads. You will need to drive two-axle tractor units, and the trailers might be:

  • Walking floor trailers
  • Hanging meat trailers
  • Curtainside trailers
  • Frigo trailers


Contact Frode Laursen to find out more about the possibilities of becoming an independent haulier, or contact Radoslaw Struzik directly on tel. +45 87 64 65 90.


Thinking of becoming a haulier?

There are a few things to bear in mind when considering becoming a haulier:

  • Do you have what it takes to be self-employed?
    • For example, do you have a solution for all the administrative work?
  • Find out what your potential business partners are offering:
    • Is it possible to drive all year?
    • Can you be sure of being paid?
    • What are your earnings’ possibilities?
    • What is it possible to drive?
    • What is the company’s image?
    • What are the risks associated with being self-employed?

Call us to find out more about the possibilities of becoming an independent haulier at Frode Laursen.

Three possibilities for starting as a haulier

You don’t need to have your own truck to start working as a haulier at Frode Laursen. At Frode Laursen, you can rent, lease or purchase two and three-axle tractor units. The choice is yours. Together, let us help you find the solution that suits you and your business best.

Contact us or call Radoslaw Struzik directly on tel. +45 87 64 65 90 to discuss your options.


What we offer hauliers driving for us

  • Freedom as a self-employed operator
  • The opportunity to employ your own drivers
  • The possibility of lots of work
  • The driving area is on the Continent, to/from Scandinavia.
  • The possibility of renting or leasing tractor units
  • Good earnings
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Easy administration and transparent settlement
  • No outlay costs
  • Strong sense of togetherness
  • Favourable purchasing arrangements
  • Possibility of further training
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