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At Frode Laursen, we’re always interested in working with skilled, independent hauliers. We’re known for the high quality of our services, and therefore you must be prepared to provide a similarly high level of service when engaging with our customers.

Road DK haulier

As a haulier working for Road DK at Frode Laursen, you are able to drive goods for one of Road DK’s three divisions: Distribution, Retail and Dedicated. This gives you every opportunity to find the sort of haulage work that suits you best.



Delivering FMCGs from our own warehouses and terminals to wholesalers and shops. The goods are primarily delivered using tail lift trailers.

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Deliveries of FMCGs directly from the supermarket chains’ large warehouses to their shops. The goods are primarily delivered using tail lift trailers.

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Most of the driving involves transporting building materials to construction sites and wholesalers as well as palletised goods to agricultural customers. The goods are primarily delivered using a truck-mounted forklift, crayler, truck-mounted crane or tail lift trailer.

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Contact Frode Laursen to find out more about the possibilities of working with us, or call Flemming Sunne directly on tel. +45 8764 6510 or Jens Bojsen on tel. +45 8764 6487.


Thinking of becoming a haulier?

There are a few things to bear in mind when considering becoming a haulier:

  • Do you have what it takes to be self-employed?
    • For example, do you have a solution for all the administrative work?
  • Find out what your potential business partners are offering:
    • Is it possible to drive all year?
    • Can you be sure of being paid?
    • What are your earnings’ possibilities?
    • What is it possible to drive?
    • What is the company’s image?
    • What are the risks associated with being self-employed?

Call us to find out more about the possibilities of becoming an independent haulier at Frode Laursen.

Flemming Sunne  tel. +45 8764 6510 or Jens Bojsen tel. +45 8764 6487.


Three possibilities for starting as a haulier

You don’t need to have your own truck to start working as a haulier at Frode Laursen. We allow you to rent, lease or purchase two and three-axle tractor units. The choice is yours. Together, let us help you find the solution that suits you and your business best.

Contact us or call Flemming Sunne on tel. +45 8764 6510 or Jens Bojsen on tel. +45 8764 6487 to discuss your options.


What we offer the hauliers driving for us:

  • Freedom as a self-employed operator
  • The opportunity to employ your own drivers
  • The possibility of fixed routes throughout Denmark
  • The possibility of driving with different loads
  • The possibility of renting or leasing tractor units
  • Good earnings
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Easy administration and transparent settlement
  • No outlay costs
  • Strong sense of togetherness
  • Favourable purchasing arrangements, e.g. diesel cards
  • Possibility of further training



I chose to become a haulier because I prefer being my own boss. And I chose Frode Laursen because I like the fact that they keep their word.”

Frode keeps its promises

Lennart Brandt Petersen works as a haulier for Frode Laursen. He enjoys working somewhere where people stay true to their word, and where invoices are settled promptly.

– I’ve previously worked in a shop, but I wanted to try something different. I had an HGV licence, and my father used to work for Frode Laursen, so it was obvious for me to apply, says Lennart, who had no doubts about becoming a haulier:

– I prefer being my own boss, he says with a smile, and continues: And Frode’s set-up, which means that you can lease the truck and that you’re guaranteed customers, meant that I was able to start up my own business.

Employed a driver

Lennart has now been working for Frode Laursen for a couple of years, largely driving FMCGs to shops on Funen and Jutland. Less than a year after he started as a haulier, he took on his first driver.

– I was allowed to lease a truck from Frode, and in that way it’s been slightly easier to take the plunge and employ a driver, says Lennart, who now has two employees, and has no qualms about recommending becoming a haulier with Frode Laursen because, as he says:

– The freight forwarders I work with are excellent, payment terms are very favourable, and then I really like the fact that at Frode they keep their promises.

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