Frode Laursen’s set-up gives a green advantage

The green transition is high on the agenda at Frode Laursen. As part of an industry with a significant CO2 footprint, we see it as our duty to constantly seek new ways to become more sustainable.

Frode Laursen has a clear ambition to be at the forefront regarding the green transformation of both road freight transport and our logistics buildings.

With a high proportion of in-house production, our business model allows us to do this, and it is a strategic advantage we are keen to exploit.
By having the production apparatus close at hand, there is not far from thought to action, which means that last year we were able to document a reduction of our total CO2 footprint by 9% – and we expect to reduce this further this year.

We do so, among other things, by ensuring that all our trucks can run on sustainable alternatives and by establishing all new buildings according to our Green Warehouse Vision, where the focus is on building with the most climate-friendly sustainable materials.

Of course, we also focus on both power-to-x and electric trucks. However, it will be several years before we can seriously use these technologies for heavy road freight transport simply because there is neither the necessary capacity nor infrastructure.

It is not only about a lack of charging stations but, to a large extent, also about having sufficient capacity in the electricity grid and infrastructure to take it to where it needs to be used. As an example of where the rollout is today, we would currently at our largest logistics center in Åstorp had to shut down for an hour to flash-charge two electric trucks. And that’s the general picture.

Therefore, although electricity will soon be able to be used locally over short distances e.g., renovation and city distribution, that is not the case with the significant consumption in trucks that solve tasks over long distances and across national borders. Those trucks will have to use other transition technologies, such as biogas, HVO, etc. the coming years.