40 years at Frode Laursen: “A fantastic workplace”

1. August 2023

Big changes, explosive growth and a great team spirit. This is how Preben Sejersen sums up the past 40 years of working at Frode Laursen in connection with our anniversary. A company which has not just grown and grown, but which has remained a fantastic workplace.

When we celebrate our 75th anniversary this year, there are a few of us who have been on board for many years. One of them is Preben Sejersen, who started working at Frode Laursen in 1983 when he was only 25. To begin with, he was employed at the terminal, before taking his HGV licence in 1985. Initially he worked on the day and evening shifts, before starting to work nights. Which suited Preben down to the ground, as he had young children.

“At the same time as working on the night team, I also helped drive trailers to the ferries in Esbjerg and Aarhus. It was before the Great Belt Link was built, of course, so trailer ferry transport was necessary between Jutland and Zealand. Also, back then, there wasn’t as much focus on driving times and rest periods. Which meant it was possible to spend many hours behind the wheel,” says Preben.

Big changes and explosive growth
However, over the years there have been some big changes. The Great Belt Link was built and the trailer ferries phased out. The regulations governing driving times and rest periods were changed. The terminal in Tølløse was built, so the drivers were spared two-day trips. And finally, there are aids now available which protect drivers from the task of pushing goods around with pallet trucks.

“A lot has happened – both in society at large and in the transport industry. And there are plenty of examples right here. Just looking at Frode, it has seen explosive growth. When I started, there were about 160-180 employees with only 15 people working at the office in Vitten. Today, it’s completely different, as we have developed into an international business with a couple of thousand employees at many different locations. And as for Vitten – where I work – it has grown and been extended several times. It’s been fascinating to watch,” he says.

Still the same team spirit
Even though Frode is now a big company, he nevertheless feels that we have managed to retain a strong team spirit and sense of collegiality. There has always been a great attitude and a willingness to support each other, as he explains:

“I still remember how Thorkil leaped behind the wheel of a yard tractor if it was busy. Or a winter where he stood at the roundabout near Vitten and directed the trucks so they didn’t get stuck in the snow. And even though it manifests itself slightly differently these days, we’re still quick to lend a hand. Even when it’s busy, we keep our spirits up and don’t lose our cool. That’s how it has always been, and which is also why the past 40 years have gone so well for me. And it’s what makes Frode a fantastic workplace,” says Preben.