Desire paved the way

4. January 2019

When Erinda Bajrami, 24, started at Frode Laursen in Åstorp 3 years ago, she could speak almost no Swedish, but with determination and sign language, Erinda and her group leader, Annelie Lindell, 36, made it work.
– It is very important that one wants to be here, so it is not so important whether one can or cannot speak Swedish, says Annelie as she looks at Erinda, who nods.
– When I came here , I thought: “Show me what I need to do – and I will do it,” she says, and explains that it also meant a lot that there was good chemistry between her and Annelie, and that there were allowances for mistakes. This is something that Annelie agrees with:
– It is important that we have time to learn, so you do not become stressed by having to answer the questions that will always be asked when you train someone new. It was just these questions that Erinda found were the hardest thing about starting:
– I felt I was asking questions all the time and was afraid that the others were thinking “she can’t do anything”.
– But I would rather she asked than just do something wrong, says Annelie.

From a few words to fluent Swedish

Erinda moved to Sweden from Kosovo in 2014 to marry her husband Sefer. When she started at Frode Laursen in March 2015, she could only speak very few words of Swedish. So, all communication took place in the beginning with monosyllabic words and sign language, but within a few months, Erinda was able to understand most Swedish and the gestures could be dropped.
– I was the only non-Swede in the group, so I was forced to speak Swedish, says Erinda, who today is fluent in Swedish and group leader of packing. As group leader, she now receives the new employees – both Swedish and foreign, and she uses her own experience to a great extent to get the new employees off to a good start at Frode Laursen:
– I tell them that they should always ask because it is better to ask again than to do something wrong. It can sometimes be a little hard to have time to get people going properly, but I try to give myself the time because I know it is time well spent.

There are several types of job at Frode Laursen, within office, warehouse/terminal and as a truck driver. We are always looking for people, so please send us an open application here.