Electric trucks give customers new green possibilities

7. September 2023

The first of 11 Frode Laursen electric trucks is now running on Danish roads. The logistics company has thus added yet another alternative power solution to its palette of green options. Alternative power solutions have been an important part of the green transition at Frode Laursen, where an impressive 18% of all haulage operations in 2022 took place using alternative fuels.

“In recent years, developments with electric trucks have really taken off, and we can now start meeting customer wishes for electrically powered distribution. Even today, the range and capacity of electric trucks is sufficient for local distribution, and this will only improve once we start taking delivery of newer models,” says Allan Munkholm Poulsen, COO, Road DK.

Partnerships with customers
While the first electric truck will be used for regular distribution in East Jutland, the next electric trucks will be introduced in collaboration with selected customers.

“To roll out electric trucks on a large scale, it is vital that we enter into partnerships with our customers. An electric truck is more expensive to buy and run than a traditional diesel truck. Moreover, significant investments in charging infrastructure are required at our locations as well as at those of our customers, as sufficient infrastructure does not yet exist on the Danish road network,” says Allan Munkholm Poulsen.

A steep learning curve
Nevertheless, customers have been willing to enter into long-term partnerships, well aware that we face a steep learning curve.

“We are well prepared, but there will undoubtedly be unexpected challenges along the way. We look forward to acquiring know-how together with our customers as well as crucial experience that we can use to create even more sustainable solutions,” says Allan Munkholm Poulsen.