Frode Laursen discussed EMS Road Trains in the European Parliament

28. September 2023

Yesterday, our technical director, Jan Skov Pedersen, visited the European Parliament in Brussels to share our insights and experiences using our EMS 25,25 road trains (European Modul Systems).

The visit was arranged to discuss the Europa Commission’s suggestion of a new freight transport directive for weight and dimensions and to discuss the potential of using the EMS 25,25 road trains in all of the EU.

“We have been using the road trains since 2008, and today, we have 100 EMS road trains driving on selected route networks in the Nordics, where we only have good experiences. The road trains secure a CO2 reduction of 15-20%, and therefore we would like the legislation to be adjusted, so it becomes less complex to use the road trains down through Europa reducing our CO2 emissions even more,” Jan says.