Frode Laursen swaps customer gifts with charity donations

17. December 2020

In a year when global health has been in focus, Frode Laursen decided to replace the chocolate normally given as gifts to customers with a donation to Doctors without Borders.
– 2020 was a very special year, says Sales Manager for Transport, Frank Wolf-Jürgensen, while Sales Manager for 3PL, Ralf Laursen adds:
– We could see that it would be hard to reach our customers with the traditional Christmas basket, so we decided to use the budget for a charitable cause instead.
The decision to donate the DKK 150,000 to Doctors without Borders was not a hard one.
– Covid-19 has hit the whole world hard, and reminded us how important an efficient healthcare system is. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to good healthcare, and that’s why it was obvious to donate to Doctors without Borders global response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Doctors without Borders are delighted with the donation:
-At a time when the entire world is battling COVID-19, and Doctors without Borders are on full alert, it’s fantastic to receive such amazing support from Frode-Laursen. Thanks to this generous donation, Doctors without Borders will be able to protect over 1,300 healthcare personnel with protective equipment in the field for a full day, enabling them to provide safe help to patients in the fight against corona, or to vaccinate over 34,000 underprivileged children against measles. A massive thanks goes to Frode-Laursen for this wonderful donation, which is a huge contribution to keep Doctors without Borders in the front line, to help underprivileged people and to save lives, says Kristina Boldt, Fundraising Director for Doctors without Borders in Denmark.