Green FL truck opens biogas filling station

11. October 2016

Driver Klaus Larsen from Frode Laursen was first in line to tank up his truck, when a new biogas filling station on October 6th was inaugurated at Høje-Taastrup Transportcenter. He is a regular driver on Frode Laursen’s gas-powered Iveco Stralis and he is satisfied with the new filling station.

“A full tank of gas equals roughly 400 kilometers, and I fill up the tank every morning. Currently we do not have many filling stations around, so it is beneficial for us to have a gas station close by,” states Klaus Larsen, who has driven the gas-powered truck since May.

Green truck yields positive customers
“The green truck causes a stir. The customers are very satisfied when they see the vehicle. They ask many questions about how and how far the truck can drive per liter of gas” states Klaus Larsen there as a driver are experiencing the environmental difference with his green truck.
“When you tank up the truck, it is completely odour free – there are no petrol fumes or petrol spurts. Formerly when I drove petrol driven trucks, I was aware of the exhaust. Now I get away with it easily,” says Klaus Larsen.

FMCGs with eco-friendly gas
Along with the purchase of an Iveco Stralis truck, which can drive on natural- and biogas, the transport- and logistic company Frode Laursen will now be the first in Denmark that provides the possibility of distribuating FMCGs with eco-friendly gas in the tank.

“Frode Laursen has a strategy to be a first-mover and visible with initiatives in proportion to being more eco-friendly. The purchase of an Iveco Stralis driven on gas is part of this strategy and contributes to reducing our emissions. At the same time, it is a test to see how it works with gas and 40 tons total weight to FMCG distribution. It furthermore paints a picture of the consequence gas has for the total economy related to distribution,” explains the technical manager Jan Skov Pedersen from Frode Laursen.

The purchase of the truck running on natural- and biogas is co-financed by the Danish Energy Agency as a part of the project “Application of gas-powered trucks with point of departure in Høje-Taastrup Transport Center”. In the project the agency yields contributions to eco-friendly investments in gas powered trucks.