Plenty of experience: 169 years at Frode

1. May 2019

The hair has become a little thin and grey, but the smiles are still wide and the eyes piercingly sharp. Palle Danielsen, 75, Mogens Kjøler, 74, Benny Andersen, 68 and Tage Langholm, 66, could all be retired and enjoying bowling and grandchildren.
But this is not how these four experienced employees roll. Despite a collective 169 years of service between them, they have chosen to continue working at Frode Laursen.
– I don’t do it for the money but because it makes sense to me. I like getting out and about, says Palle, as the other three nod in agreement.
– We simply enjoy it, says Mogens, who continues:
– I really like driving and I enjoy my work, so I will do it as long as I can and as long as I have a nice boss, he says while smiling at Benny.

Good policy
As foreman, Benny is a general manager in Hedehusene and manager not only to Mogens, but for 9 other employees, including Danes, Poles and a single Syrian, who is employed under the IGU scheme.
– When I started, we were only three people, but as the company has grown, we have become bigger and bigger. I like the fact we are not standing still, he says, and Tage adds:
– Yes, a lot has happened over the years. I started out here as a driver, but injured my back. I was home for 18 months or so, but then began to help move the vehicles. That is what I like about Frode Laursen: you feel valued, even if you have little imperfections and a couple of years away.