Transport Minister at Frode Laursen

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The green transition is not just a choice but a responsibility we and our business partners share. This is why we readily agreed to host Transport Minister Thomas Danielsen (V) as he addressed the Danish television station DK4 about this pressing issue.

Flanked by a DUO2 road train and an electric truck, our transport minister discussed the challenges and opportunities in the transformation. Following this, Allan Munkholm Poulsen, COO Road DK, and Jan Skov Pedersen, technical director, had the chance to exchange experiences and aspirations with the minister.

“We are considering both alternative fuels and the ability to carry more goods on the vehicles as essential to achieving our goals with the green transition. Therefore, we told the minister that expanding the DUO2 road stretch is important for us to take full advantage of this green opportunity,” Allan Munkholm Poulsen says.