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As a freight forwarder at Frode Laursen, you have the opportunity to work with transporting goods throughout Europe. You will be responsible for collecting goods and products from suppliers, for customs clearance and for delivery to customers and much more. In other words, it is your task to ensure that your customer receives an all-in-one transport solution.

Many opportunities throughout the Nordics

You will either be working under Road Denmark or Road International. In Road Denmark, the work mainly consists of freight forwarding within Denmark in one of our three divisions: Retail, Dedicated and Distribution.

Road International comprises the divisions Nordic and Continent, and here you will be working with planning and freight forwarding. The goods are transported in the Nordic countries and on the Continent, and therefore you will be continuously switching between speaking English, Swedish and German.

As a freight forwarder, you will be closely cooperating with customers, drivers, warehouse staff and external business partners. Consequently, it’s important that you like and enjoy cooperating with many different people across the organisation.

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As a forwarding agent, you are …

… quick and robust. You thrive in a busy working environment where there are always many balls in the air, and you love the kick that comes from solving logistical puzzles. You are good at cooperating, and you treat customers, colleagues and business partners with respect.

Many of our freight forwarders have previously worked as drivers, so what training you have is not crucial, but it is important that you know about trucks and what happens ‘out in the field’.


As a forwarding agent, you will have …

… a job where no two days are the same, and which offers good career opportunities. As a freight forwarder at Frode Laursen, you will be made responsible for your own customers, and your immediate superior will entrust you with considerable responsibility.


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The job requires that you:

  • are flexible
  • can think and respond quickly
  • see possibilities rather than limitations
  • have a high stress threshold
  • have experience with goods transport.


You will have:

  • Independent and challenging tasks
  • Competent and helpful colleagues
  • Good opportunities for personal development
  • Employee benefits


The atmosphere out here has never been anything but positive. We work as a team, which suits me very well..
freight forwarder

I’ve felt that I belong here from day one

– The best thing out here is the atmosphere. Everyone is extremely helpful, and from the moment I started, I’ve felt that I belong here, says Matilda Andreason, a freight forwarder in Road International in the Nordic division. Matilda is Swedish, but lives in Denmark with her Danish boyfriend.

– We lived in Oslo, where I worked as a forwarding agent. When we moved to Aarhus, I wanted to find a job where I could use my experience, and therefore I came out here, says Matilda, who sits in the Nordic division’s ‘team North’, where she is in daily contact with both drivers and customers. The latter are mainly Swedes:

– In this way, it makes very good sense that I’m Swedish, she says. Matilda has basically fitted in very well at Frode Laursen’s head office:

– I think that the Danish and Swedish ways of working are very similar. We go to work to get things done, and I like that, she says, adding:

– The atmosphere out here has never been anything but positive. We work as a team, which suits me very well.

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