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As a crane driver at Frode Laursen, you spend your working day in your own vehicle driving building materials from leading producers out to construction sites, wholesalers and DIY centres. At Frode Laursen, we work as a team, and it’s important that you approach your work with a positive attitude.

Crane driver

As a crane driver, your work involves transporting different building materials around Denmark, but there is also the possibility of driving Danish exports to Germany, for example. Frode Larsen operates truck-mounted cranes ranging from 12 to 100 tonne-metres. Each crane driver has his own vehicle, and drives to DIY centres and construction sites.

We expect you to have several years of experience at operating truck-mounted cranes. While age is not crucial, you are expected to possess considerable knowledge of the construction industry. As a crane driver, you will drive primarily from Vitten, Vejle, Odense and Vamdrup in Jutland and from Tølløse on Zealand.

As a crane driver, you are …

… experienced at handling building materials. You will drive around Denmark with different types of materials, and it’s important for us that you are familiar with the industry and know how to conduct yourself on a construction site, for example. It’s also a job that may require you to spend the night in your vehicle. It’s a job that requires good driving skills and a fair bit of experience, and you have to keep your vehicle and your paperwork well organised.


As a crane driver, you get …

… freedom with responsibility. It’s a specialist position which requires that you are not only good at driving but also a skilled truck-mounted crane operator. You become part of an experienced and skilled group of drivers, where a good collegial spirit is greatly valued.


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The job requires that you have:

  • A driving licence category C + CE
  • A driver card
  • An EU driving licence
  • A crane D or E driving licence, alternatively that you have passed either a ‘kran basis’ (crane basic) or ‘Mobile kraner >30 tonsmeter’ (Mobile cranes > 30 tonne-metres) course, according to the new rules.


We offer

  • new vehicles and equipment
  • a varied working day with responsibility
  • contractual pay disbursed on time
  • good colleagues and benefits
  • focus on employee safety and well-being
  • a relaxed and tolerant working environment.
The best thing about working at Frode Laursen is all my wonderful good colleagues. Even though it’s not every day that we’re able to talk, there’s a strong sense of camaraderie.
crane driver

Freedom and great colleagues

Kasper Kjær has been with Frode Laursen since 2014, for the past six months working as a crane driver.

– My working week as a crane driver starts on Monday and ends on Friday. This means that I spend all my time – including nights – away from home during the week, says Kasper, who transports steel plates and other building materials, delivering to 15-20 customers daily.

– What I like most about my work is being my own boss out on the road. We look after ourselves, and a job can easily last 2-3 days. There is also a lot of customer contact, so we’re never entirely alone, as there’s always someone to talk to, says Kasper, who mentions all his great colleagues as one of the best things about working for Frode Laursen.

– Even though it’s not every day that we’re able to talk, there’s a strong sense of camaraderie. I really like the fact that everybody is always very friendly and civilised, whoever you happen to be speaking to at Frode Laursen, he says, adding:

– You must come and work as a crane driver at Frode Laursen if you enjoy being out on the road and meeting lots of different customers. On top of which there is the freedom with responsibility. You’re able to manage your own working day as long as you get the job done.

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