Frode's electric trucks ready after the summer

In 2023, Frode Laursen will take delivery of about ten electric trucks to add to its fleet. We believe electric trucks are the future, but the available capacity and infrastructure are still severely limiting where and how far it is possible to operate them. Here, Jan Skov Pedersen, our head of Technics & Procurement, talks about the development and the new possibilities with the electric trucks. 

What is the current status regarding recharging and driving times for an electric truck?

The trucks we buy can be recharged up to 80% in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. When recharged to this level, they can be driven approx. 230 km. However, the technology is developing so quickly that we can already see that the trucks we receive in early 2024 can go up to 300 km after being recharged.

What is the biggest challenge with using electric trucks?

It is without doubt the existing infrastructure. How can we recharge the trucks, and is there sufficient capacity to recharge the trucks where we want?

At the same time, it is a challenge to price the energy correctly when recharging the trucks away from our locations. This is also why these projects require high collaboration between the customer and Frode Laursen.

What exactly is required of the customer?

It is different from case to case. However, in general, it requires that the customer wants to enter into a long-term partnership with us, where we devise an alternative approach together – and that the trucks’ limited capacity is considered at the planning stage. On the other hand, the customer benefits from a concrete green initiative that significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Where are electric trucks in three years?

The batteries will be 30% smaller and 40% more efficient. At the same time, the charging stations will be able to recharge the trucks twice as fast, so within a relatively short time, I envisage that it will also be possible to drive electrically powered long-haul trips. That said, it will probably only apply to specific routes because the power grid and the available capacity will still be some way off, being able to support all the trucks transporting goods internationally.

What about hydrogen-powered trucks?

Hydrogen and Power-to-X will become possible, but I don’t expect it to happen soon. Also, the fuel will be in high demand from other industries and means of transport, so there will be a lot of competition for the product, with both shipping and air freight ahead of road transport in the queue. I expect that hydrogen-powered trucks will start being used within the next ten years on routes unsuitable for electric trucks. You also have to remember that it is a technology that is still very immature, and the energy efficiency is still very low.