Great experience driving with DUO2

Since the turn of the year, Frode Laursen has been driving with DUO2 road trains between Zealand and Jutland. As an experimental arrangement, Denmark now allows driving the 32-meter-long road trains on a selected route between Høje Taastrup and Brabrand.

“We are thrilled that this possibility has now opened,” says Dennis Sørensen, division chief in Road DK distribution, and continues:

“With the new double trailers, we can transport twice as much cargo on a truck compared to a standard truck and trailer solution, which will significantly impact the transport’s CO2 footprint.”

Where a standard truck can transport 33 pallets, DUO2 road trains transport 66 pallets, thereby reducing the CO2 footprint by 46%.

“We hope the trial scheme will be extended to cover the entire modular train road network. It could make a big difference,” says Dennis Sørensen.