Green education for all employees

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New green transport solutions require new skills. Therefore, we have spent the beginning of the year further educating our employees to handle both electric trucks and DUO2 road trains.

‚ÄúDouble trailers and electric trucks are the new reality for us and our customers, so it is important that there is knowledge throughout the organization about how they function as optimally as possible,” says Allan Munkholm Poulsen, COO Road DK, and tells that it was both drivers, officials, and terminal staff who participated in the training.

DUO2 on the program
Frode Laursen’s winter courses are recurring events in the first months of the year, during which employees receive various teachings throughout the week. The program is dynamic from year to year, and therefore, there are always new topics on the teaching schedule depending on what occupies the transport industry.

“DUO 2 or Double trailers were already in the program last year, and drivers had the opportunity to test drive them. But we had them on the schedule again this year. This time, however, with greater focus on the ordinance and the practical things to be aware of. Detaching and attaching the trailers requires insight and professionalism,” explains Allan.

Electric trucks also in focus
In addition to DUO2, the course also included teaching about electric trucks, drawing on Frode Laursen’s good experiences with our first electric truck running a fixed distribution tour in East Jutland with groceries.