0.02 mm saves 4.8 tonnes of plastic

11. August 2021

Frode Laursen has replaced its 17 micrometre (0.017 mm) plastic wrap with a 15 micrometre (0.015 mm) wrap.

A change that might be difficult to see with the naked eye, but in fact it makes a big difference.
“This change saves us 12% in terms of wrapping,” explains Kurt Fagerlin, manager of Frode Laursen’s co-pack department, whose responsibilities include the purchasing of packaging products.
Frode Laursen uses approx. 19,000 rolls of wrap a year, so this translates into a significant saving of approx. 4,800 kg of plastic, while the 12% reduction in plastic consumption also means 12% less CO₂ emissions.
To begin with, only the hand stretch film has been replaced, but Frode Laursen also plans to replace the film on the stretch wrap machines in the warehouses in 2021.