Waste in the trailer and waste in the tank.

3. December 2020

Waste in the trailer and waste in the tank.

Frode Laursen and Norsk Gjenvinning are transporting waste from Norway to Sweden using 100% biogas. 

Norsk Gjenvinning is Norway’s largest operation in recycling and environmental services.
– We are very pleased with this collaboration.  Norsk Gjenvinning is one of our first and largest recycling customers. The company itself has a very strong focus on sustainability, and it was therefore natural that we chose to collaborate to make the transport of waste as CO2-neutral as possible, says Jens Sørensen, Head of Nordic Division in Frode Laursen.

Norsk Gjenvinning is also happy with the result:
– We have a long-term collaboration with Frode Laursen, and are proud that we now have biogas-powered vehicles in place in long-distance transport. This is an important step towards sustainable transport solutions, and we look forward to the further collaboration with Frode Laursen, says division director in NG Markets, Jon Bergan.

Save up to 100% CO2
The new trucks can save up to 100% CO2 emissions, because they run exclusively on biogas (LBG), which is produced from biological material, such as waste. The trucks therefore are not just driving with waste in the trailer, but also with waste in the tank, as it says on the side of the trailer: ”Jeg har søpla di i tankene.” (I’m running on your rubbish).