Frode Laursen donates to Save the Children

29. November 2023

Frode Laursen replaces Christmas Baskets with a donation to children in need of help.   

This year, Frode Laursen has chosen to replace Christmas Baskets for customers with a donation to Save the Children and their work with children all over the world.

“Unfortunately, 2023 has not made the world an easier place to be a child. Conflicts, disasters, and climate change affect children all over the world, which is why this year we have chosen to donate to Save the Children which, across politics and national borders, is there to help children in need,” says Thomas Corneliussen, CEO of Frode Laursen.

Last year, Save the Children and their local partners reached out to 118 million children in 116 different countries and helped them with better access to health and nutrition, combating poverty, access to education, and humanitarian aid in wars and disasters, among other things.

And, to a great extent, the donation from Frode Laursen helps Save the Children to do this work. As Katrine Aadal Andersen, Head of Corporate Partnerships and CSR at Save the Children, says.

“We are very pleased that Frode Laursen has chosen to stand up for children and make a donation to Save the Children. A donation like this helps to ensure that Save the Children can be present in the world’s hot spots, where we provide food, emergency aid, and shelter for children and families and ensure that children can keep going to school. When companies choose to support Save the Children, we can reach even more children in vulnerable situations and that is what we are here for. So we are very grateful,” says Katrine Aadal Andersen.

This is the third time Frode Laursen has chosen to skip customers’ Christmas gifts and instead donate the amount (DKK 130.000) to charity.

“We think it makes great sense, and luckily the reactions from our customers have also been entirely positive,” says Thomas Corneliussen.

Photo accreditation: Save the Children