The new cool

17. June 2020

– Cool with no fuel

We have made yet another eco-friendly addition to our fleet.  The New Cool’ refrigerated trailer has a cooling system which, unlike ordinary reefers, does not run on diesel, but on a battery which is continually being recharged when the truck – and therefore the trailer as well – brakes or travels downhill.

This means that the reefer is electronically self-sufficient and able to maintaining the temperature without being connected to a truck or power while it is on the road.

Our new trailer comes with three clear advantages:


  • No emission of CO2- and particulate matter:
    The new cool gets its energy solely from electricity. Therefore, when charging with “green power”, the new cool is totally CO2 and particle neutral.
  • Quiet:
    The new cool is more quiet and emits 60 db(A) less than a regular trailer. This means that the sound level is far below PIEK standard, which makes this trailer ideal for night deliveries in cities. In addition, it improves the working environment of the drivers, as there will be less noise.
  • Multi-temperature:
    The new cool has a multi-temperature function, which allows the transport of goods with different temperature requirements.  This provides greater flexibility and better utilization, and thus also more sustainable transport.