Pushing our electric truck to the limit

In September 2023, we introduced the first of 11 Frode Laursen electric trucks onto Danish roads, marking a significant step in our commitment to sustainable operations and adding another green solution to our palette of alternative fuels.

– In recent years, the development of electric trucks has progressed very quickly, and we are now beginning to meet our customers’ demands for electric-powered distribution. Today, the range and load capacity are competitive when we talk about local distribution, and it will only improve with the upcoming electric trucks we are receiving, says Allan Munkholm Poulsen, COO of Road DK.

The electric truck operates out of Frode Laursen’s terminal in Vitten, Denmark, because we invested in charging facilities here. This means that distribution is primarily carried out in the Aarhus area.

Testing against a diesel truck
Frode Laursen has tested the electric truck against a diesel truck – pushing the electric truck to the limit. Two drivers operate the vehicle, so it runs both day and night, and Frode Laursen is testing range and charging times.

– We have no problems running a diesel truck in a two-shift system, but we would like to try that with the electric one. We need to achieve the highest efficiency while not compromising on quality. That’s why we are running a two-shift system, says Allan Munkholm Poulsen, who is satisfied with the results overall.

– We have found that we cannot just set the truck to perform various types of transport. The driving needs to be adapted to specific areas so that it can maintain both quality and efficiency. We have made it work by adjusting to the truck’s range and charging needs. The goods have been delivered satisfactorily. We haven’t had any operational losses or performance issues with it. In that way, it is satisfying.

At the same time, Allan Munkholm Poulsen is pleased that the electric truck’s drivers are happy with it.

– That is also important. The drivers can feel a difference because the truck is quieter. After a day’s work, they are not nearly as tired as before – because the truck doesn’t make noise.


Facts about the electric truck:

Model: Mercedes eActros 4×2 tractor
Max. vehicle lengths: 6,150 mm
Width: 2,500 mm/with aluminum wheels 2,550 mm
Type series: 983.493
Wheelbase: 4,000 mm.
Permitted total weight: 19 t (40 t)
Payload without bodywork: Approx. 10.4 t
Cab/engine tunnel: M Classic Space/engine tunnel 170 mm
Axle load (air suspension): 8.0/11.5
Engine power (max./cont.): 400/330 kW
Max. speed: 89 km/h
Gearbox: 2 gears (+2 reverse)
Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries
Number of battery units: 3
Action radius: up to 220 km
Installed battery capacity: 336 kWh with 3 packs (each 112 kWh)
Charging power: Max. 160 kW
Charging time: 20 – 80 %: ~ 1h 15 min”