Our History

On 1 December 1948, Frode Laursen started his haulage firm in Vitten with one lorry. He was a far-sighted man and during the 70s he created the basis for combining storage and transport. Frode Laursen died in 1980, and the company, which was taken over by his son Niels Laursen, went through some tough years. This led him to sell the company to Thorkil Andersen, who took over 50% in 1988 and the remainder in 1989. The company’s course changed and today Frode Laursen A/S is known as a reliable, efficient and dynamic international company, with activities covering the whole spectrum of services in the field of logistics and shop-based services. Today, more than 60 years after its foundation, the company has more than 2,300 employees, 1,000 lorries and 550,000 m2 of multishare warehouses as well as activities throughout the Nordic countries and in Germany.


  • We are here for the customer
  • We take responsibility
  • We honor our agreements
  • We always base judgement on facts
  • We strive to improve
  • We treat everybody with respect
  • We use resources wisely
  • We co-operate and pull together as teams

Frode Laursen’s values will always support our goals, mission and vision

Mission and vision


Within the sectors where we specialize, Frode Laursen aims to be the industry’s clear choice as the best logistics partner in the Nordic region.



We want to build efficient and complete customer solutions centered around our multishare warehouses. We will achieve our vision through specialization, a long-term perspective, and open performance orientation.

The organisation

At Frode Laursen, we take a long-term approach. There is continuity in our management, in the workforce and in the direction we take. We have a flat organisation with a short and effective decision-making process. We have an informal working culture with a focus on the diversity and development of individual employees. Based on diversity and collaboration skills, we can provide large-scale and unconventional solutions. We believe that training our employees and IT development are two key factors to our success. We want to develop ourselves together with our customers, so we can ensure information-driven cooperation with confidence and transparency for all parties.

The environment and CO2

We pay a great deal of attention to making sure that we as a logistics company do our part to have a positive impact on the environment – especially regarding CO2 emissions. As we consider behaviour to promote a sustainable environment to be an integral part of our business philosophy, we have created a series of goals and initiatives:

  • A driving technique for reduced diesel consumption – training
  • Renewal of lorries – Class 6 diesel engines
  • Filled vehicles – e.g. collection of goods
  • Common facilities – multishare warehouses
  • Planning – informational improvements to limit unnecessary trips
  • Sustainability – an integral part of the development of logistics models for our customers
  • Energy consumption in our warehouses – e.g. with sensors, LED lighting and electronic forklift trucks
  • Modular road trains and special trailers with high capacity

Our efforts concerning the environment and CO2 are an ongoing process and we are continually working to improve our knowledge by learning from the best solutions in the industry, as well as by participating in European fora working to develop sustainability within our industry.

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CSR and certifications

At Frode Laursen, we have our own quality system developed in partnership with and approved by our customers. We serve some of the largest international brands, each of which imposes strict requirements regarding quality and processing. In this respect we work with both the company’s own quality control department and with independent auditors.

Frode Laursen has been approved by the authorities to transport and store food, organic products and animal feed.

CSR report 2019

Code of conduct

Read Frode Laursen’s code of conduct here

Facts about Frode Laursen

2,300 employees
700 in-house lorries
1,700 trailers
450 hauliers
550,000 m2 of warehouse
We produce 4,000–6,000 quarter pallets and displays each day.

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