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As one of Frode Laursen’s distribution drivers, you will have a working day with considerable freedom and customer contact. At Frode Laursen, we work as a team. We maintain a good tone of voice at all times, and there is a strong sense of camaraderie, and it is important that you approach your work with a positive attitude.

Distribution driver

As a distribution driver, your work consists of driving consignments of palletised goods. You deliver the goods to the shops, and you are basically given your own route, and will therefore be very much your ‘own boss’ on a daily basis. The goods are usually driven from Vitten in Jutland or from Tølløse on Zealand.


Extensive customer contact

Many of our distribution drivers have been driving in the same area for many years, and as a result they know the customers better than anyone else. At Frode Laursen, we value long-term working relations, so it is important that you thrive in a job which involves so much customer contact.

Preferably you have been driving for several years and possess experience at distributing consumer goods, furniture or similar products, but this is not necessarily a requirement. Likewise, it is an advantage if you hold an ADR licence, but it is not a requirement. We do require, however, that you hold a CE licence which permits you to tow a trailer over 750 kg.

As a distribution driver, you are …

… out and about, meeting many customers daily. It’s therefore important that you enjoy a high degree of customer contact, and have what it takes to give everyone a good service. It is a job that requires a great deal of independence and a fair bit of experience, and you must keep your load and your paperwork in good order.


As a distribution driver, you get …

… freedom with responsibility. In so far as possible, you are assigned a regular route, and you will get to know your customers well. You become part of an experienced and skilled group of drivers, where a good collegial spirit is greatly valued.


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The job requires that you have:

  • A driving licence category C + CE
  • A driver card
  • An EU driving licence


We offer

  • new vehicles and equipment
  • a varied working day with responsibility
  • contractual pay disbursed on time
  • good colleagues and benefits
  • focus on employee safety and well-being
  • a relaxed and tolerant working environment.
“I like being part of a company that is clearly going places – the company is always evolving, and efforts are always being made to ensure that the trucks and equipment are regularly replaced and renewed
Distribution driver

Driver and ambassador

Kjeld Asferg has been a distribution driver for Frode Laursen for about 25 years. Every day, he visits between 15 and 25 customers, delivering a couple of pallets at each address.

– It’s the same customers I deliver to by and large, and after a while you get to know each other, says Kjeld, who takes pride in giving customers a good service.

– Going the extra mile for customers takes you a long way, says Kjeld, who is proud of his work and of driving for Frode Laursen.


Enjoys being a driver

– I like being part of a company that is clearly going places. The company is always evolving, and efforts are continually being made to ensure that the trucks and equipment are regularly replaced and renewed, he says, adding:

– And then I just enjoy my job as a driver. Being your own boss out on the road. When I leave Vitten in the morning, I make all the decisions, and I’m responsible for my truck and my load. And I really like that.”

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