Frode is like family

25. February 2022

The pleasant working environment, the challenges and the possibility of being able to grow with the job. This is what team leader Susanne Brummelte (51) emphasises as the best things about Frode Laursen.

Susanne is team leader for seven employees who make up the Frode Laursen department on Lecker Chaussee outside Flensburg. A department that only handles windows and doors for one of our customers.

“I have daily responsibility for the warehouse here. This means that I plan the day, talk to customers and freight forwarders and keep track of goods which are being transported between our logistics centres,” she says.

From temp to team leader

Susanne started working at the warehouse back in 2017. Initially, she was employed as a temporary worker, but she performed the job so well that she was soon offered a contract with Frode Laursen.

“I started out loading, but then my hand was injured, so I was unable to handle items that were too heavy. It resulted in more and more computer work, and today I’m team leader”

In addition to her team management role, Susanne has recently also acted as the link between the local job centre in Germany and Frode Laursen.

“Here, I help, for example, to get people on the edge of the labour market back into work. I think it’s really exciting. I love working with people,” says Susanne who also highlight the informal and cordial tone in Frode Laursen.

“Frode is like a family. I’ve never worked for a company where everyone communicates with each other in such a pleasant way as here. Warehouse workers can often be slightly hard on one another, but I think we speak nicely to each other – even when we disagree,” says Susanne, adding:

“At the same time, it’s also a place where you encounter challenges and receive support, if you want to develop your career. I think that also counts for a lot.”